No Looking Back

Majid Khaliq

Baseline Live Records

Bronx, New York —It is with immense excitement that we introduce the world to Majid Khaliq’s third album, No Looking Back, a masterpiece co-produced alongside the illustrious four-time GRAMMY Award-winner Lenny White. This transformative musical endeavor, released under the banner of Bassline Live Records, marks an epochal moment in contemporary music.

Majid Khaliq’s No Looking Back represents an audacious convergence of genres and influences, seamlessly interweaving the melodic allure of 80s synth-pop rock, the rhythmic cadence of Golden Era Hip-Hop, and the emotive power of jazz fusion violin. Informed by legends like Return to Forever, Khaliq forges a multi-dimensional string orchestra sound infused with a jazz-rock sensibility that is nothing short of mesmerizing.

No Looking Back is a testament to Majid Khaliq’s evolution as an artist, masterfully melding diverse influences into a captivating and innovative musical narrative. With unrivaled string virtuosity and heartfelt vocal performances, Khaliq’s artistic vision shines brilliantly, leaving an indelible imprint on the musical landscape.

“Majid’s music and style presents a disruption from the status quo. The contemporary violin will have to be viewed differently because of Majid.” ~Lenny White.


Majid Khaliq is an extraordinary violinist and composer, hailing from a lineage of musical brilliance. He has carved a path through the realm of jazz, infusing his virtuosic violin skills with a wide-ranging palette of influences. With an education from the renowned Juilliard School and Queens College’s Aaron Copland School of Music, Majid possesses the technical prowess and deep musical understanding to captivate audiences with his performances.

Wynton Marsalis, a titan of jazz, recognizes the exceptional talents of Majid Khaliq. Marsalis has described him as a musician cut from a different cloth, praising his ability to blend improvisation, groove, and technical sophistication into a truly distinctive musical tapestry. Majid’s command over his instrument is nothing short of remarkable, allowing him to effortlessly navigate the worlds of European classical, jazz, and hip-hop with equal finesse.

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