Adrian Younge

Elected to the Hall of Fame

Adrian Younge's news entries:

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    Adrian Younge (left) and Ali Shaheed Muhammad’s goal with Jazz Is Dead is to pay homage to past luminaries and evoke the sensibilities of their respective artistry during their heydays.

    Jazz Is Dead: Long Live Jazz!

    Adrian Younge describes Jazz Is Dead as a “romance,” its macabre-sounding trademark notwithstanding. He’s a…

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    Baltimore native Gary Bartz has remained uniquely engaged both musically and politically throughout his lengthy career.

    Gary Bartz Bridges Generations

    Gary Bartz has watched the slow roll of history drag on, first from the vantage point of his childhood home in…

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    Adrian Younge (left) and Ali Shaheed Muhammad take on the concept of jazz’s obsolescence with a new label and compilation of the same name: Jazz Is Dead.

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