José James

Elected to the Hall of Fame

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    “The more I thought about that connection, the more it made sense,”James said of comparing Erika Badu and Alice Coltrane from a musical and spiritual standpoint.

    José James Finds His Baduizm

    It’s early December and José James is in the Yuletide spirit. He’s on stage in front of packed audience at Dakota,…

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    Pianist Joey Alexander is set to stream a performance on Friday.

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    Singer José James is releasing No Beginning No End 2 on Rainbow Blonde Records, which he co-founded with singer-songwriter Talia Billig and sound engineer Brian Bender.

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    Richmond, Virginia’s No BS! Brass Band performs at the Monterey Jazz Festival.

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    Steve Cardenas (left), Jeremy Pelt, Allison Miller and Ben Allison (the group’s leader) perform at the BRIC JazzFest in Brooklyn on Oct. 13.

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