Mary Lou Williams

Elected to the Hall of Fame
1990 Critics Poll

Mary Lou Williams's news entries:

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    A four-disc Charles Mingus set is a highlight of our seasonal shopping guide for music fanatics.

    The DownBeat 2020 Gift Guide

    If you’re shopping for gifts this holiday season, DownBeat has got you covered with our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide.

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    Mary Lou Williams’ long, fruitful career is lovingly chronicled by Tammy L. Kernodle in Soul on Soul: The Life and Music of Mary Lou Williams, which has been published in paperback for the first time.

    Mary Lou Williams, Writ Large

    Mary Lou Williams was an idiosyncratic composer, arranger and pianist whose 60-plus-year career remains ruthlessly hard…

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    A live Alice Coltrane recording from 1972 marks a turning point in her music.

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    Co-artistic Director Derrick Hodge performed multiple sets with various ensembles during the 62nd Monterey Jazz Festival, which ran Sept. 27-29 in Monterey, California.

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    Released in conjunction with a companion video series, Roxy Coss’ Quintet draws from her entire catalog and ranks as the the follow-up to The Future Is Female, the bandleader’s provocative response to the 2016 elections.