Satoko Fujii

Elected to the Hall of Fame

Satoko Fujii's news entries:

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    ​Longtime friends and new ones will join Fujii on an upcoming concert recording to be released Dec. 9 via Libra Records.

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    “We used all vintage gear to add even more authenticity to the sonic picture,” Haynes said of his new blues album.

    Meaning of the Blues in Three Takes

    Warren Haynes: ‘The First Sound That Moved Me’
    At last, Warren Haynes is carrying the banner of the blues. For the…

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    The Alex Sipiagin Quartet is set to stream a performance from Smalls on Thursday.

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    ​Bassist William Parker (shown here), pianist Matthew Shipp and drummer Bobby Kapp are set to stream a Thursday performance.

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    Drummer Joe Farnsworth is set to stream a Monday performance alongside tenor saxophonist Eric Alexander, pianist George Cables and bassist Peter Washington.

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    Allan Harris is among the performers planning to stream live sets this week.

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    Satoko Fujii, 60, says she still feels like a “young musician.” She plans to release an album each month during 2018.

    Q&A with Satoko Fujii: On Ambition

    Satoko Fujii is a Japanese avant-garde pianist and composer, renowned not only for the vision of her recorded output,…

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