Fred Frith


A three-part title piece is the central improvisation of this concert, recorded at eater Gütersloh in Germany. English guitarist Fred Frith, joined here by saxophonist Lotte Anker (Denmark) and percussionist Samuel Dühsler (Switzerland), is equally at home with complete abstraction and repeating structures, demonstrating aspects of both approaches during this set.

“Storytelling” opens with a voice alternating between deep muttering and high-pitched calls, with Frith gradually introducing a rubbed-string otation, Anker brillating ever faster. As Frith percusses his strings and Dühsler ashes brushes over his skins, roles are unclear, aside from a joint desire to launch into rhythmic propulsion. Frith mimics the sound of backwards tape, wobbling pitches and building a bass figure as Dühsler attaches bells and shaker to his kit. There’s a gathering sense of mystery until the trio becomes rougher, more agitated. The third, shorter “chapter” finds the three playing at full tilt, attaining a hyperactive climax. “La Pasión De Soñar” continues this mood of nervous release, but includes pools of resonant exploration. “Backsliding” has an alternative Hawaiian aura, restfully bottlenecked into a calmer corner. All three members of this trio walk easily along the perimeters between free-form and melody.