Spike Wilner Announces SmallsLIVE Nonprofit


Spike Wilner runs the New York clubs Smalls and Mezzrow.

(Photo: William Brown)

Spike Wilner, who owns the clubs Smalls and Mezzrow in New York, announced The SmallsLIVE Foundation for Jazz Art and Education in a Facebook post on April 8, marking a transition to being a nonprofit.

For years, Smalls has posted performances online, but this change seems to aim at expanding on what was previously available. Some of the most-viewed offerings include a 2014 Gerald Clayton Trio set and a 2016 recording of the Matt Brewer Sextet.

“This site has replaced our old one and marks the transition to a not-for-profit arts foundation,” Wilner wrote in the post, explaining the page’s new look and a batch of available videos to stream. “The centerpiece of our site is our SmallsLIVE Archive, which now includes all shows from Mezzrow as well as Smalls and goes back to 2007.”

For additional information or to sign up as a member for a minimum of $10, visit the Smalls website. DB

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