Noah Preminger

Elected to the Hall of Fame

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    Whether riffing on his latest album, his dynastic jazz family, his formative experiences in Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers, his teaching experiences, his interest in science or his love of sports, Branford Marsalis speaks his truth.

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    Criss Cross’ Gerry Teekens (left) gives Reservoir Records’ Mark Feldman a hug.

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    Among his numerous projects, Noah Preminger has written and recorded music based on the films of a distant relative, director Otto Preminger.

    Noah Preminger in Perpetual Motion

    Concept albums help an artist establish an identity. They’re more than a mere exercise in composing songs as vehicles…

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    Noah Preminger began writing music for his new album on Election Day (Nov. 8), and he will release it digitally on Inauguration Day (Friday, Jan. 20).

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