Guitarist Charlie Apicella says his band gets “right to the point, just like Jack McDuff” on Groove Machine.

(Photo: Christopher Drukker)

Charlie Apicella is Channeling the Past

In many ways, guitarist Charlie Apicella has devoted himself to a kind of historical reenactment. On all of his previous albums, which have included tributes to Jack McDuff and…


Rachel Musson/Pat Thomas/Mark Sanders

Shifa: Live At Café Oto

Roxy Coss
(Outside In)


Barney Wilen Quartet

Live In Tokyo ’91

Kris Davis
Diatom Ribbons

Ben Markley Quartet
Slow Play

Blue Note
(Blue Note)


Sun Ra (1914–1993)

(Photo: DownBeat Archives/Impulse!)

Sun Ra: Orbiting the Sun

Shards of sound scatter across the concert hall. Blips and bleeps, squiggles and snarls spew out from stage right, where a short, portly figure dressed in iridescent robes turns knobs and throws switches, orchestrating a sonic collision of satellites and asteroids. Suddenly, he turns from his Moog synthesizer and begins spinning around bodily, wiping the backs of his hands across a Fender Rhodes piano.

These are some early moments of electric jazz, courtesy of the Columbus of space music, Sun Ra.

Sun Ra!

The name resonates out of the tombs of…

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