Johnaye Kendrick is set to stream a performance with her quartet on Friday.

(Photo: Courtesy of Artist)

What To Stream This Week

As performers look to replace income from lost gigs and regain a sense of community amid the coronavirus pandemic, a number of musicians are using online streaming services to…

Drummer Yussef Dayes Wants A Challenge


The Anthony Braxton Project

Chick Corea

Christian McBride Big Band
For Jimmy, Wes And Oliver
(Mack Avenue)

Dena DeRose
Ode To The Road

James Brandon Lewis Quartet


Chad LB Virtual Big Band
Quarantine Standards
(Self Release)

Eloá Gonçalves Trio

Wolff Clark Dorsey
Play Sgt. Pepper
(JazzAvenue 1)


Lennie Tristano (1919-1978)

(Photo: William P. Gottlieb/Library Of Congress)

Lennie Tristano: Watered-Down Bop Destroying Jazz

The efforts of such groups as the George Shearing quintet and the Bird-with-strings combo to wean the public to bop by offering it in a commercialized form is producing the opposite effect, according to pianist Lennie Tristano. Lennie, one of jazz’s most adamant iconoclasts, says such efforts are killing off the potential jazz audience and lousing up the musicians involved.

“If you give watered-down bop to the public,” he says, “they’d rather hear that than the real thing. Has George Shearing helped jazz by making his bop a filling inside a…

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