Avishai Cohen with conductor Alexander Hanson and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

(Photo: Bernard Rie)

Avishai Cohen’s Symphonic Vision

Bassist and composer Avishai Cohen has been dreaming big for a long time. And part of that dream has been to expand his vision of making music from the trio format that he has…

What to Stream, May 11–18


Chris Potter

Sunrise Reprise

Miguel Zenón & Luis Perdomo
El Arte Del Bolero
(Miel Music)

Shai Maestro

Larry Coryell & Philip Catherine
Jazz At Berlin Philharmonic XI: The Last Call


Jack Brandfield

I’ll Never Be The Same
(Gut String Records)

Daniel Thatcher
(Shifting Paradigm Records)

Moka Efti Orchestra
(Six Degrees Records)

Lorne Lofsky
This Song Is New
(Modica Music)


Lena Horne

(Photo: DownBeat Archives)

Lena Horne: The Horne Of Plenty

Somewhere in the background, by the piano in the living room, Lennie Hayton sat with coffee in hand, filling the air with that pregnant, Van Dyked Lennie Hayton brand of dignified silence. In the smaller music room Lena, quiet and conservative in the black-and-white outfit with the white turban hat, toyed with her coffee and talked, never too quietly nor too conservatively, of music and children and acting and singing and how life had been for her in this past propitious year.

Lena Horne and New York are in love. For the first time in her adult life…

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