NAMM Announces Plans To Hold 2021 Trade Show


Bassist Victor Wooten speaks with fans during the 2019 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.

(Photo: Dave Cantor)

The National Association of Music Merchants announced its plan to host The NAMM Show on Jan. 21–24, 2021, in a recent letter to exhibitors.

“Some have suggested we sit January out and wait until 2022 when the picture will be clearer,” the organization said in a special June 15 edition of its Exhibitor Express newsletter. “However, the majority have shared the importance of getting the trade together to help the industry rebuild and recover. We believe one of the most important things we can do as your association is to connect and unify.”

The letter, which was titled “Reignite, Reconnect, Reimagine,” was signed by Chris Martin, NAMM chairman and CEO of C.F. Martin & Co.; Joel Menchey, vice chairman and CEO of Menchey Music; Tom Sumner, treasurer and president of Yamaha Corp. of America; Chris White, secretary, president and CEO of White House of Music; and Joe Lamond, NAMM president and CEO.

The summer 2020 edition of NAMM, which was planned for Nashville during July, will not take place, however.

“Now as much as ever, we need to plan on having our gathering of the musical faithful at The NAMM Show in Anaheim,” Martin said. “In 2021, the experience might seem different—indeed, life is different—[but] our need to connect is more important than ever.”

NAMM also indicated it was working with local stakeholders to ensure the use of the Anaheim Convention Center. The organization reported that about 115,000 people attended the January 2020 show in California.

“We are also working with federal, state and local health agencies and have retained a medical doctor on our planning team to ensure that we take every possible precaution and follow all known best practices for social distancing, hygiene and enhanced facility cleaning,” the letter stated.

For those who are disinclined or unable to attend next year’s show, NAMM also is building out a digital trade-show experience set to run concurrently with the events in Anaheim.

“We believe that an industry that comes together to face adversity head-on will be more resilient in the face of the many challenges ahead,” the letter concluded. “While The 2021 NAMM Show will be different than this past year, it is an important step in helping our members and the industry grow and thrive in the future.” DB

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