jazzahead! Overseas Night Highlights Acts from Beyond Europe [Sponsored]


For jazzahead! Overseas Night on April 27, U.S.-based bassist Linda May Han Oh is set to lead an ensemble that includes pianist Fabian Almazan, drummer Rudy Royston and saxophonist Greg Ward.

(Photo: Shervin Lainez)

Overseas Night at jazzahead!, a music festival and trade show in Bremen, Germany, is set to feature eight acts from countries outside of Europe.

The performers slated for April 27, including Jane Bunnett & Maqueque, and Linda May Han Oh, hail from six nations beyond continental boarders.

“We also travel the roads of world music, for example with the Trio Abozekry,” Peter Schulze, a member of the jazzahead! artistic directors team, said in a press release. “This trio, which creates its modern sound world from traditional instruments such as the oud and the saz, will be the first Egyptian group to be heard at jazzahead!.”

Other acts set to perform during the jazzahead! event are the Emie R Roussel Trio, Isfar Sarabski Trio and Shahriyar Imanov, Ludere, Matthew Whitaker and Quiana Lynell.

For more information on the festival and trade show, visit the jazzahead! website. DB

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