Victor Gould experiments with new voices and longstanding collaborators on Thoughts Become Things.

(Photo: Jimmy Katz)

Pianist Victor Gould Out in Front

“Start as a sideman and prove yourself.”

Those words churned in Victor Gould’s mind as he left Los Angeles for New York in 2011. Gleaning tips from the biographies of…

George Colligan

Again With Attitude

Out To Dinner
Different Flavors

Africa Speaks

Tori Freestone Trio
El Mar De Nubes

Rich Willey’s Boptism Big Band

Down & Dirty
(Wise Cat)

Bob Sheppard
The Fine Line

Gard Nilssen Acoustic Unity
To Whom Who Buys A Record

Sara Gazarek
Thirsty Ghost
(Self Release)


Jelly Roll Morton (1890–1941)

(Photo: DownBeat Archives/Nonesuch)

Jelly Roll Morton: ‘I Created Jazz In 1902, Not W.C. Handy’

Dear Mr. Ripley:

For many years I have been a constant reader of your Believe It or Not cartoon. I have listened to your broadcast with keen interest. I frankly believe your work is a great contribution to natural science.

In your broadcast of March 26, 1938, you introduced W.C. Handy as the originator of jazz, stomps and blues. By this announcement you have done me a great injustice, and you have also misled many of your fans.

It is evidently known, beyond contradiction, that New Orleans is the cradle of jazz, and I, myself, happened to be…

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