Hiromi’s diverse discography includes collaborations with pianist Chick Corea and harpist Edmar Castaneda.

(Photo: Makoto Hirose)

The Kaleidoscopic Colors of Hiromi’s Pianism

“Kaleidoscope,” the opening track on Hiromi Uehara’s new solo album, Spectrum, features the dazzling displays of pianism that have become her trademark: cascading waves of…


Dana Saul


Esbjörn Svensson Trio
Live In Gothenburg

Matana Roberts
Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis


William Hooker

Symphonie Of Flowers

Adrian Cunningham & His Friends
Play Lerner & Loewe

Johnny Griffin/Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis
Ow! Live At The Penthouse
(Reel To Real)


Woody Herman (1913–1987)

(Photo: DownBeat Archives)

Woody Herman’s New Creative Kick

New York—“Woody Herman has the greatest ofay swing band in the country—bar none!”

That’s what all the band popularity contests said this year and that’s just the way I feel about it. Out of the 1,606 swing fans who named the Herman Herd their favorite dispenser of jive in DownBeat’s annual contest, undoubtedly some (the bobby-soxers) cast their votes that way because they go for the snappy corduroy jackets that Woody sports on the stand. Most fans, however, picked Woody’s crew for its crack over-all musicianship, for its…

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