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Reinventing Stephen Foster’s ‘Beautiful Dreamer’

When thinking of material to arrange for big band, a song from 1865 might not be the first thing…

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Toolshed: Gear Box
September 2017

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    Versatile Multi-Instrument

    The Artiphon Instrument 1 is an ultra-expressive, next-generation digital instrument that lets anyone play their favorite music software using familiar techniques. Designed for pros and casual players alike, the Instrument 1’s multi-instrument design lets you strum like a guitar, bow like a violin and tap like a keyboard or drum pad. It plugs into your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC and connects with hundreds of music apps from GarageBand to Ableton Live and beyond. Explore unlimited configurations by combining tunings, techniques and playing positions to design your own custom instruments.

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    Promark by D’Addario has turned up the heat with its FireGrain line of drumsticks. A special heat-tempering process transforms ordinary hickory drumsticks into precision tools with high durability. Featuring a normal weight, balance and feel, FireGrain sticks let drummers hit harder and play longer, without feeling any excessive vibrations. They are available in Classic 7A, 5A, 5B, 2B as well as Forward and Rebound 5A and 5B Acorn models.

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    Forever Wailing

    Bari Woodwinds’ Infinity HR hard-rubber saxophone mouthpieces deliver a broad sound. The mouthpieces are aggressive but easy-playing across the saxophone’s entire range, offering great projection and optimal control. Infinity mouthpieces are CNC-machined from premium Ebonite for consistency. They are available for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone in a wide range of tip openings.

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    Ultimate Stage Piano

    Korg’s Grandstage features five grand pianos plus a new upright piano alongside hundreds of other sounds. With Korg’s RH3 weighted action, seven sound engines, easy-to-control reverb and delay effects, three-band equalizer and an intuitive layout, Grandstage offers an expressive, powerful and complete experience for the performer. Grandstage ships in 88- and 73-note versions with the DS1H damper pedal, music rest and A-frame keyboard stand.

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    Strummable Drums

    DigiTech’s SDRUM is an intelligent drum machine for guitarists and bassists. By simply scratching across your guitar strings, you teach the SDRUM a kick-and-snare pattern that forms the foundation of the beat you want to hear. Based on this pattern, the SDRUM supplies a professional-sounding drum beat with different embellishments and variations to complement your beat. Beats are played from a choice of five different kits covering a wide range of genres. The pedal also supports three different parts (for example verse/chorus/bridge) for each song that can be switched on the fly for enhancing live performances and exploring song ideas.

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October 2017
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