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Big Band Arranging

Reinventing Stephen Foster’s ‘Beautiful Dreamer’

When thinking of material to arrange for big band, a song from 1865 might not be the first thing…

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LP Peruvian Cajons

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Toolshed Review

Yamaha Recording Custom Series

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Toolshed: Gear Box
June 2018

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    Practice & Performance

    Acoustic Amplification’s A15V acoustic instrument amp is suitable for practice and performance. With a 6.5-inch speaker and front-ported cabinet, it delivers a warm, rich sound with enhanced bass frequencies. The A15V features an XLR mic input on Channel 1 and a quarter-inch instrument input on Channel 2, each with a dedicated volume knob.

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    Tablet Harness

    Gig Gear’s Two Hand Touch Harness is a flexible, wearable iPad and tablet case that is secured to the chest, leaving both hands available to interface with remote mixing apps and other apps necessary for live production. Two models are available: the Two Hand Touch 9 (pictured) and the Two Hand Touch 12.

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    Drum Mic Sets

    Beyerdynamic TG Drum Sets include various microphone combinations from the company’s Touring Gear series. Four sets are available: Pro S, Pro M, Pro L (pictured) and Pro XL. TG Drum Sets come in durable, soft carrying cases with protective molded foam padding and enough space for additional microphones.

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    Revamped Flatwounds

    Sadowsky Guitars has released revamped versions of its Blue Label Flatwound strings for bass and guitar. In a continuing process of refinement, the re-engineered strings incorporate the most desirable qualities of the company’s original Black Label and Blue Label Flatwounds. The result is improved tone, feel and consistency.

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    Phat Piano Improvs

    Big Phat Jazz Piano Solos (Alfred Music) is an intermediate to late-intermediate book by pianist and bandleader Gordon Goodwin. Musically challenging but technically accessible, the book’s 10 Big Phat Band classics—recomposed by Goodwin—capture the essence of the original versions. The solos reflect Goodwin’s ability to combine jazz improvisation with a variety of musical styles, including Latin, rock and funk. Titles include “Settle Down,” “Everlasting,” “The Jazz Police,” “Brother Bones” and more.

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