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    The members of the Four Freshmen are Tommy Boynton (left), Bob Ferreira, Stein Malvey and Jonathan Gaines.
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    A scene from inside the Bix Beiderbecke Museum in Davenport Iowa, which opens to the public Aug. 3.
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    Music by Fats Waller appears on The Savory Collection, Vol. 3.
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    Kristin E. Ellis and Al'Jaleel McGhee perform in Paradise Blue, which premiered April 26 at the TimeLine Theatre in Chicago.
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    Kenny Barron and bassist Dave Young perform in an Oscar Peterson tribute concert at Symphony Center on April 7. Todd Rosenberg
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    Eric Miller (1941–2017)
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    Joshua Henry, Brandon Victor Dixon, Billy Porter and Brian Stokes Mitchell, with Richard Riaz Yoder, in a scene from Shuffle Along.

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    Freddy Cole

    Melody Man

    Freddy Cole is a singer and a pianist. Outside of a couple of showpieces he was compelled to compose by way of…

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